The U.S. Invasion of the Vatican

J.K. Baltzersen at The Wilson Revolution Unplugged has a redirect to this very thought provoking article...

See the thing we as Americans need to remember is, not everyone wants to live in a "democracy", or at least one designed by the US...

by Jacob G. Hornberger

Suppose President Obama expressed disapproval with the Vatican’s method of electing the Pope. It’s not democratic enough, the president says. Why should a small group of Catholic cardinals be the only voters? Why shouldn’t all Catholics get to vote for the Pope? Isn’t that what democracy is all about?

Obama demands that the Vatican open the vote to all Catholics. The Vatican responds that its method of electing the Pope is none of the U.S. government’s business. Butt out, the Pope tells Obama.

Obama orders a U.S. invasion of Vatican City, with the express aim of spreading democracy to that part of the world. The troops are ordered to mobilize and prepare for the invasion.

The Vatican condemns the coming war of aggression, pointing out that it violates the UN Charter and the principles set forth at Nuremberg. He also points out that such an invasion would violate the U.S. Constitution since the president has failed to secure the constitutionally required congressional declaration of war against the Vatican. Most important of all, the Pope points out that the killing of Vatican citizens by U.S. soldiers will constitute grave, mortal sins under God’s laws.

The president is not dissuaded. He orders the troops to undertake the invasion, reminding them that people everywhere, especially Catholics, will be grateful for their efforts to spread democracy.


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Baron Korf said...

An over simplification of many things, but granted the spread of democracy is not just cause for war. Considering the timing of this and another article of his written the next day, this is supposed to be more a commentary on Ft Hood, or that's how I read it. The analogy breaks down pretty quickly, especially when comparing Islam and Catholicism.