Terrorist attack or Manmade Disaster

Why is it that the Russians get it and we in the US have trouble calling a terrorist a terrorist? I received an email from my friends in Belgorad on the 27th of November. They passed along the news that a terrorist had exploded a bomb under the track of the Nevsky express. They did not call this a, "man made disaster", as our home land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has informed her staff to call such events. Nick said "terrorist" attack. ...and Nick asks some pertinent questions. Here is the text of his letter...

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and for wonderful photos of the baby. She is just charming! And her mother looks very happy though tired a little.

Our congratulations and very best wishes dear friends!

Here now we have sad news.
Yesterday evening (November,27) in Russia a new terrorist attack happened. The "Nevsky Express" train went from Moscow to S.Peterburg. In the middle of the way not far from the Bologoe station a bomb burst under the train. 4 cars in the end of the train were derailed and turned over.

25 died and more than 90 were wounded in this crash.(See the attached pictures)

The main version of this tragedy is terrorist attack, now even our media have to admin this. By the way 2 years ago the same Nevsky express was blown up in the same way and the terrorists charged for this attack were finally condemned just on November,25.

And on November 27 mussulmans celebrated their holiday, the so-called "Kurban Bairam". This is an islamic sacrifice holiday...

Again and again and again.... Islamic terrorists, explosions, victims, blood...

Sometimes it seems we live not in 21-st century but in the Middle Ages.
But if it's so maybe only a new Crusade can be the single solution?

This is the main Russian news for today.

Best wishes from Russia

Your friends
Helen and Nick

I found this an interesting article too...

The Muslim should open a history book and read just why Alexandr Nevsky is revered in Russia. Possibly they will understand exactly what they are in for.

Dieu Le Roy!

Evidently the Russian people know what a terrorist is...


Catholic Defender said...

Islamic militants threatens our peaceful existence with one another. Let's all pray that God may enlighten them.

God save us.

Brantigny said...

It is true that these people are attacking not only the world but more importantly they attack our faith. Yet the true living God, has already defeated them. The world will end but the church will survive.

I saw your blog today, I sall add it to my blog roll.

Possibly you would like my friend Elena-Maria Vidal's blog, "Tea at Trianon." http://teaattrianon.blogspot.com/

She is pattially of Philippino.