Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby

There was a time in this country when women were not allowed to go into combat zones. As a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant there were times when I was called upon to chose men for deployment. Most Marines on the east coast deploy aboard ships. Since there were no facilities for women the just didn't go.

One of the worst things to come out of the Viet Nam War was the attempt by the Carter administration to be more liberal in the induction of women into the armed forces. These women could not go aboard ship, so the remaining men would either be just returning of just going on deployment. In your mind you must now be thinking, "I bet they were mad, and some were, but the real anger came from the wives of these fellows who spent 6 months at home and six months at sea.

Truth is I personally deployed close to 190 a year. I volunteered, I am not complaining but my wife was left with the 4 children, and had to make decisions for herself. (I remember once she traded my car for a van. That was surprise.) During the Gulf War she deployed with her Naval Reserve unit. The thought of just not going never crossed her mind.

Now as for this person I have some questions that you will never find anywhere else, especially in this distraught article, where the EM-phasis on the wrong SYL-liable:

#1 Did you miss the part of the recruiting speech were the recruiting sergeant said you could deploy?

#2 This baby had to have a father, where is he?

#3 Your mother picked up the baby after you had failed to deploy, why didn't you ask her to watch the baby? I see that she does home care, and while a baby is more work you must have a dis functional family for you mother to refuse care, choosing profit instead. If this rouge is paying child support that would have been fair to pay your mother for full time care.

#4 Who had to take your place?*

#5 Are we now to hear about every coward who will refuse to do their duty, hoping agaionst hope that they won't become a crazed killer of innocents if they don't get their way?

…By RUSS BYNUM, AP Military Writer Russ Bynum, Ap Military Writer – Mon Nov 16, 9:32 pm ET
Left : This undated
self-portrait provided by Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson shows Spc. Hutchinson and her son
SAVANNAH, Ga. – An Army cook and single mom may face criminal charges after she skipped her deployment flight to Afghanistan because, she said, no one was available to care for her infant son while she was overseas.

Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21, claims she had no choice but to refuse deployment orders because the only family she had to care for her 10-month-old son — her mother — was overwhelmed by the task, already caring for three other relatives with health problems.

Her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, said Monday that one of Hutchinson's superiors told her she would have to deploy anyway and place the child in foster care.

"For her it was like, 'I couldn't abandon my child,'" Sussman said. "She was really afraid of what would happen, that if she showed up they would send her to Afghanistan anyway and put her son with child protective services."

Hutchinson, who is from Oakland, Calif., remained confined Monday to the boundaries of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, 10 days after military police arrested her for skipping her unit's flight. No charges have been filed, but a spokesman for the Army post said commanders were investigating.

Kevin Larson, a spokesman for Hunter Army Airfield, said he didn't know what Hutchinson was told by her commanders, but he said the Army would not deploy a single parent who had nobody to care for his or her child.

"I don't know what transpired and the investigation will get to the bottom of it," Larson said. "If she would have come to the deployment terminal with her child, there's no question she would not have been deployed."

Hutchinson's son, Kamani, was placed into custody overnight with a daycare provider on the Army post after she was arrested and jailed briefly, Larson said. Hutchinson's mother picked up the child a week ago and took him back to her home in California.

Hutchinson, who's assigned to the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, joined the Army in 2007 and had no previous deployments, Sussman said. She said Hutchinson is no longer in a relationship with the father.

The Army requires all single-parent soldiers to submit a care plan for dependent children before they can deploy to a combat zone.

Hutchinson had such a plan — her mother, Angelique Hughes, had agreed to care for the boy. Hughes said Monday she kept the boy for about two weeks in October before deciding she couldn't keep him for a full year.

Hughes said she's already having to care for her ailing mother and sister, as well as a daughter with special needs. She also runs a daycare center at her home, keeping about 14 children during the day.

"This is an infant, and they require 24-hour care," Hughes said. "It was very, very stressful, just too much for me to deal with."

Hughes said she returned Kamani to his mother in Georgia a few days before her scheduled deployment Nov. 5.

She said they told her daughter's commanders they needed more time to find another family member or close friend to help Hughes care for the boy, but Hutchinson was ordered to deploy on schedule.

Larson, the Army post spokesman, said officials planned to keep Hutchinson in Georgia as investigators gathered facts about the case.

"Spc. Hutchinson's deployment is halted," Larson said. "There will be no deployment while this situation is ongoing."

This article is not a bash against women in the military, but it is one against those who would use their womanhoodm to further their own cowardness. Nothing forced this woman to join, there is no draft. This action is a slap in the face of every woman who sacrifices there comfort to defnd their country.


*I once had a Lance Corporal who also decided he couldn't deploy, as his superior I refused to remove him from the list, I do not remember the reason, I just remember that the reason was inconsequential. Therefore another man was chosen by the direction of a higher authority. While flying off the coast of Africa the airplane crashed, all the crew perished and only one body was found.

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