The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is funding organizations that engage in activities or profess philosophies that are completely contrary to Church teaching, such as gay marriage, abortion, and birth control. American Life League reveals some of these organizations in its ongoing investigation.

For more details, be sure to visit the source information at http://www.all.org/cchd.

I submit that this charity not be supported.

Now there will be some that will say, "They do so much for the good, that keeping money from them" will only do harm not good. This was actually said to me in the Marine Corps when 100% donations for the United Campaign looked good for the unit. It was even threatened that a dollar would be added in under my name to make 100%. My answer to that is the same as I then used. "This organization is morally unacceptable. Remove all vestiges of support for abortion, remove those staff which have heretofore added these "charities" and I will consider it. Silence implies consent, and I will never consent.


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Genevieve said...

I hate liberal catholics.