Racial disparity?

There will always be a "race" problem in this country until the media stops fueling articles "asking" if this or that problem were tainted by some racial motivation. From what I see, those who are being investigated are all Democrats being investigated by Democrats.

Just a little history reminder for those who do not regularly read this blog,

The Demorcratic party was formed by Thomas Jefferson, a slaveholder, who had children by a slave, who promised to imancipate their children but did not...

It was the Democratic party which lost the election of 1860 and formed the Confederacy, plunging the nation into a Civil War...

It was the Democratic party which brought the south: the KKK, and Jim Crow laws.

President Woodrow Wilson*, a democrat, was a Klan member, (readers who how this blog reveres that president).

" The Civil Rights bill of 1964 came before the full Senate for debate on March 30, 1964 and the "Southern Bloc" of southern Senators led by Richard Russell (Democrat-GA) launched a filibuster to prevent its passage. Said Russell: "We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states."

Robert Byrd, for whom everything in West Virginia has been named for... Klan member. He is also famous for the 14 hour 13 minute filibuster on June 10, 1964, to prevent the Civil rights act of 1964 from being brought to a vote.

The following article should be entitled: Political disparity: All active ethics probes focus on Democrats. but then that isn't polically correct.

Racial disparity: All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers
John Bresnahan – Tue Nov 3, 4:54 am ET

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House. And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down.

Not a single white lawmaker is currently the subject of a full-scale ethics committee probe.

The ethics committee declined to respond to questions about the racial disparity, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are wary of talking about it on the record. But privately, some black members are outraged — and see in the numbers a worrisome trend in the actions of ethics watchdogs on and off Capitol Hill.

“Is there concern whether someone is trying to set up [Congressional Black Caucus] members? Yeah, there is,” a black House Democrat said. “It looks as if there is somebody out there who understands what the rules [are] and sends names to the ethics committee with the goal of going after the [CBC].”

African-American politicians have long complained that they’re treated unfairly when ethical issues arise. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are still fuming over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to oust then-Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) from the House Ways and Means Committee in 2006, and some have argued that race plays a role in the ongoing efforts to remove Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) from his chairmanship of that committee.

Last week’s actions by the House ethics committee are sure to add fuel to the fire.

The committee — which has one African-American lawmaker, Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), among its 10 members — on Thursday considered three referrals from the recently formed Office of Congressional Ethics. It dismissed a case against Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), who is white, but agreed to open full-blown investigations of California Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson, both of whom are black. more...

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