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I found this blog while looking for asermon from Fr George Rutler. Fr Rutler as you may know is a priest in the Diocese of New York, on 9/11 he rushed from his parish just in time to grant absolution to those trapped by the flames, the police and rescue personel. It was another strike against Satan, who received no one that day in hell.

Faith and politics - discussions and personal reflections from a Catholic point of view. While atheists claim that God probably doesn't exist so you should stop worrying and enjoy your life I claim the exact opposite: Stop worrying - God exists!

This blog is the property of Bitte, who related to me her parents named her for the patron Saint of Sweden, St. Brigitta.

It may be found by clicking here or by going to my blog roll...

See a video about St Brigitta here...

Dieu Le Roy!


Matterhorn said...

Thank you for featuring this blog. It's rare to encounter Scandinavian Catholics.

Brantigny said...

I sent her your blog site Sword and sea, and she is supposed to put a lnk to you on her blog as well.