Lone monarchist challenges republican mob

In defiance, mirroring that of the Reine-Martyr, Suzanne Reny faced down the mob...
Kudos to Suzanne Reny who defiantly stood up to "Quebeçois republicans protesting the visit of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Monarchists need more of this defiant spirit. Relentlessly sneered at by the media as in this New York Times article, Canadians who value their country's monarchical constitution--an integral part of the heritage of American Loyalists who sacrificed everything to remain loyal to the Crown and from whom many Canadians are descended--need to make their voices heard, as the heroic Monarchist League of Canada knows very well.

Thanks to Theodore Harvey at Royal World.

Bravo to Suzanne Reny! Winner of the Cocard Blanc.



Matterhorn said...

Good for her!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that anyone would support a pair of useless old adulterers who have not worked one single day of their lives and whose decadent lifestyle is paid by the people. Long live Prince Charlea, who employs a servant to put paste on his toothbrush!
Please Suzanne, if you want to be a militant, find at least a worthy cause...like starving children


Brantigny said...

Athenais, How is it that you "know" That princes Charles has a servant to put toothpaste on his brush?

I believe that you will find that HRH served in the Navy and is a ceritfied pilot.

TRH The Duchess of Cornwall is a woman. She does her duty as befits the next Queen.

Anthenais, which is a beautiful name reminds me of a former Athenais. The Maîtresse-en-titre one Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart to Louis XIV.

Please hold your personal attacks on monarchy to a more favorable audience.

Richard de Nevers, Sieur de Brantigny.

Anonymous said...

Prince Charles's valet in charge of his toothbrush created quite a stir in the press a few years ago; I'm surprised you are not aware of his existence.
Camilla is notorious in the UK for being the “laziest” royal, with the smallest number of engagements per year and with a habit of pulling out of long tours at the last minute. She could learn a thing or two from Athenais de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Madame la Marquise de Montespan. Born a Princesse de Tonnay-Charente, Athenais not only belonged to the most ancient noble house of France, but she was also the most beautiful and witty woman of XVIIth century France. Her family’ s wit, “l’esprit Mortemart” was famous in France and is mentioned by authors like Voltaire, Saint-Simon and Proust. She was a patron of the greatest artists and writers of the Grand Siecle, as well as an extremely generous benefactor, known for her numerous charities. Camilla is none of these things. Athenais is my ancestor on my mother’s side and I’m honored to be named after her.
My mother’s family belongs to the aristocracy but this has not stopped us from realizing that monarchy is a long outdated institution, incompatible with democracy and entirely useless. I am deeply sorry that intelligent people as yourself are still deluded by its apparent glamour.


Brantigny said...

I am sorry that you have repudiated your class. D'egalite was also fond of these authors.

I am often disparaged (not nearly as eloquently as you) about being a monarchist.

Authority comes from God to rule (alone), not from the people. (It were as if the children were given the authority to allow the parent to raise them.)

Democracy in only rare circumstances is a suitable way to govern, such as monastaries and convents, even then care must be taken so that the essence of the Divine is not lost.

You have made remarks about one royal couple being an adulterers.
I am not in a position to judge their life any more than I am about you.

I remain a Catholic and a monarchist.

If you wish to continue on this line email me. gunnyb1973@gmail.com