Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al Megrahi discharged from hospital

I am waiting for a miraculous cure.

Abdelbaset al Megrahi, the man convicted of carrying out the Lockerbie bombing, has left the Tripoli hospital where he was receiving treatment for cancer.

London Daily Telegraph
By Damien McElroy
Published: 8:01PM GMT 02 Nov 2009

Megrahi went into hospital to undergo chemotherapy just days after Libyans celebrated his return Officials in Libya on Monday reported that Megrahi had been discharged from Tripoli Medical Centre, the country's most advanced public clinic, where he had received treatment since late August.

In August, doctors gave Megrahi just three months to live in a judgement that secured his release from a Glasgow prison. But he entered the Tripoli hospital to undergo an aggressive chemotherapy programme just days after Libyans celebrated his triumphal return.

Lockerbie bomber defies doctors' prediction of death. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime publicly declared its hope that "a miracle from God" would preserve his life.

The 57-year old former Libyan intelligence official marks three months since his release next week.

One Libyan official was quoted as saying that Megrahi need "years" to pursue his efforts to clear his name from the conviction for causing the deaths of 280 people in 1988.

Under the terms of the medical parole arrangement made with the Scottish government, Megrahi was supposed to communicate with officials weekly via a videolink installed in his family home.

Megrahi has now been sent back to the family's villa in central Tripoli where a police guard keeps unauthorised visitors at bay. The family has been ordered to sever contacts with journalists.

Useful idiot Scotish judge.

Dieu le Roy.

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