I should not be suprised,

Sunday Mass at my church is an adventure every week.. I thought that I had seen most everything but I was mistaken.

I wanted to write a long prelude to this but I can't. it is however a healing moment for me to get this off my chest. I front of me yesterday sat a lector with his daughter and young son. This son is 3. I do not know why but this child has in the past acted with crazy abandon, climbing on and of the seat, asking to be held, playing with toys, etc. Yesterday was the pièce de résistance, the veritable end, as this little fellow climbed onto the back of his father, and then up to his shoulders and sat there. It was only when the father rose to go to Communion that he was taken off.

After Communion he found his way back up on his fathers shoulders and was thus carried out of Church after Mass.

If one of my children would have imagined they would do that they quickly would have learned how to fly.

God Save Us.


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