Marie Magdalen is coming to the US! Wow!

Elena-Maria Vidal has posted great news, namely the relics of the Magdalen are being brought to America.

“The relics, hidden at the time of the Saracen invasions (Early Middle Ages), were found in 1279, the date from which they have been venerated without interruption,” said Bishop Rey in a letter certifying the authenticity of the relics. “They are presently kept by the Dominican priests in the cave of St. Baume, a part of my diocese. A new reliquary has been constructed to allow one of the relics, a piece of the tibia, to travel to different countries for veneration by the entire Church.”more...

For more information I recommend the following video, The Eldest Daughter of the Church, produced by Mary's media. Although the DVD set of 4 is a bit dear at $45.00 the money spent is well worth while. It is an interesting history of the Catholic Church and the part played by France that you should have been told in school but were not. It will hold your interest. It is especially dear to a French Monarchist.

Excerpt from the Catholic encyclopedae...

The Greek Church maintains that the saint retired to Ephesus with the Blessed Virgin and there died, that her relics were transferred to Constantinople in 886 and are there preserved. Gregory of Tours (De miraculis, I, xxx) supports the statement that she went to Ephesus. However, according to a French tradition , Mary, Lazarus, and some companions came to Marseilles and converted the whole of Provence. Magdalen is said to have retired to a hill, La Sainte-Baume, near by, where she gave herself up to a life of penance for thirty years. When the time of her death arrived she was carried by angels to Aix and into the oratory of St. Maximinus, where she received the viaticum; her body was then laid in an oratory constructed by St. Maximinus at Villa Lata, afterwards called St. Maximin. History is silent about these relics till 745, when according to the chronicler Sigebert, they were removed to Vézelay through fear of the Saracens. No record is preserved of their return, but in 1279, when Charles II, King of Naples, erected a convent at La Sainte-Baume for the Dominicans, the shrine was found intact, with an inscription stating why they were hidden. In 1600 the relics were placed in a sarcophagus sent by Clement VIII, the head being placed in a separate vessel. In 1814 the church of La Sainte-Baume, wrecked during the Revolution, was restored, and in 1822 the grotto was consecrated afresh. The head of the saint now lies there, where it has lain so long, and where it has been the centre of so many pilgrimages.

The entire skull was found minus the jaw bone. A Jaw bone traditionally said to be the Magdalen's was remembered to be located in a church in Rome. The pope ordered to to be returned to the rest of the relics and the jaw bone was seen to fit perfectly.

When observing the face of the Magdalen it must be remembered that this Saint was at the Cruxifixtion and witnessed the death of our Saviour. What a glorious face...

Sacre Coeur de Jesus,
priez pour nous.

Dieu le Roy.

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