Which King of France would you be?

I have taken the Quiz "Which King of France are you?" .

I would be Saint Louis IX, Saint and King. Does that count as a twofer?

"You're pretty much the perfect guy by traditional standards. You are quiet, loyal, courageous, chivalrous, religious and morally-upstanding. You believe in God, duty and patriotism. You fight the good fight, look after those around you ...and stay firm to your beliefs no matter what. When your friends say "You would try the patience of the saint," they're usually thinking about you.You can be a little bit of a mamma's boy though and some people think your beliefs, political or religious, make you bigoted and judgemental. You think that it's better to be accused of that than of being immoral and weak. FACTFILE: * Born just outside Paris, 1214 * Died on Crusade, 1270 * Reigned as King of France from 1226 until 1270 * Son of King Louis VIII and his queen, Blanche of Castile * He fought on numerous crusades and was made a saint by Pope Boniface VIII in 1297. He is the patron saint of the French monarchy, hairdressers and part of the Franciscan order of monks. * Succeeded his father King Louis VIII * Succeeded by his son, King Philippe the Bold.

St Louis Pray for us.

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