Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Madame Royale

It was on this date in 1851 that the beloved child and only surviving child of Louis XVI and the Queen-Martyr Marie-Antoinette. She died of pnuemonia three days after the fifty-eighth anniversary of the execution of her mother, Queen Marie Antoinette. She was buried next to her uncle Charles X and her husband Louis XIX, in the crypt of the Franciscan Monastery church of Kostanjevica in Görtz, then in Austria, now the Slovenian city of Nova Gorica.

Like her deceased parents, Marie-Thérèse remained a devout Roman Catholic.

St. Louis XVI, King and Martyr,
Pray for us...

St. Marie-Antoinette, Mother, Queen, and Martyr,
Pray for us...

Dieu le Roy!

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Matterhorn said...

Wow, I didn't know today was the anniversary of her death! I've just been reading Elena-Maria's novels, and getting to the end of "Madame Royale," what a coincidence.