Marie-Antoinette portraits and miniatures

While looking for a photograph of Mary Queen of Scots that matched the antique engraving I have purchased I came along to the George Stuart Historical collection. I present some from the Life of Marie-Antoinette.

First Marie-Antoinette en Gaul, by Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun

The George Stuart miniature of Marie-Antoinette (approx 15 inches tall)

Marie-Antoinette and her children, by Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun

The George Stuart Miniature of Marie-Antoinette and her children.

A young Marie-Antoinette

The miniature,

La Reine-Martyr engraving

La Reine Martyr miniature,

The Queen as a widow,

The miniature,

While I have somewhat of a problem with the captions under the miniatures I can not deny the excellence of the statues. I first thought these were wax full sized figures and not a 15 inch model. These are excellent. More historical French figures may be found here... other period and countries may be located here...

Marie-Antoinette was truly a beauty.

Dieu Le Roi!

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Matterhorn said...

You're right-she was a beauty, both inside and out.