Count Roland - Our Model

Mark Amesse takes a minute to remind us of what it means to be a Christian Knight.

...The Mediaeval Era is the standard by which we measure. Roland was a man of his times – an era which saw the dawning of the Golden Age of Christendom, not the diabolical, revolutionary and effeminate post-Christian age in which we live. Durendal is the work of Catholic laymen, and it is important to remember that the inspirations of the Spirit of God were, in that age, less frustrated in the layman, whether he be king, knight, poet, or simple ploughman. A militant spirit of heroic Catholic Action, which disposed men to live virtuous lives and defend the rights of Christ the King and His Church, permeated society. Would that we could imitate Roland and his noble peers! We could speak of the historical Roland, or the fictional Roland of Boiardo and Ariosto[i], and they each have their merit, but we draw our ideal, primarily, from the great chanson de geste, The Song of Roland... more...

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Mark and the folks at Durendal...

St Charlemagne Pray for us...
Jhesu + Marie

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