Also on this date...

1453... The forces of France recapture Bourdeax, and thus ended the 100 Years War, as predicted by Jehanne la Pucelle.

Following Henry VI's episode of insanity in 1453, the subsequent outbreak of the Wars of the Roses and the evident loss of the military ascendancy for the benefit of the French, the English were no longer in any position to pursue their claim to the French throne and lost all their land on the continent. Except for Calais most of what is now France remained in French control.

1812... The Ogre, Napoleon Bonaparte begins his retreat from Moscow.

Sitting in the ashes of a ruined Moscow without having received a Russian capitulation, and facing a Russian maneuver forcing him out of Moscow, Napoleon started his long retreat on this date. By December 14, 1812, they were expelled from Russia. According to the popular legend only about 22,000 of Napoleon's men survived the Russian campaign. "In the small village of Gorodnia, not far from Maloyaroslavets after the battle of October,12 the fate of the Great Army was decided. This picture by Vereschagin shows that dramatic moment... The Emperor conquered a half of the word is sitting on a hard bench in a poor peasant hut. This furniture is so unsuitable to the grandeur of the Great Emperor! He is sitting and thinking: "To break out or to retreat?" "

1781... It was on this date also, that Lord Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown.

Dieu le Roy!

Painting and narritive was borrowed from my friend Nick's site Russian Generals and Naval Commanders of the Napolionic Epoch... Nick and his family live in Belgorad, Russia.

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