The red balloon

I bought this film for my grandchildren to watch. I first saw this film on the CBS Childrens Film Festival, with Kukla, Fran, and Ollie which aired some time in the early 60s. Of all the films I watched this is the one which has always stuck in my mind.

The Red Balloon is the story of a lonely boy (Pascal Lamorisse, son of the director Albert Lamorisse) who finds a large red balloon on the way to school. The balloon has a mind of its own, following him to school, causing no small amount of trouble with the teacher and the principle. Later the balloon waits patiently for him outside his bedroom window when his mother will not allow it in the house. The balloon is an imaginative and playful friend. When it is attacked by bullies, it seems that Pascal's friend is lost. But an unforgettably joyous ending reminds Pascal of the power of friendship.*

I wanted my daughters and grandchildren to experience this film. Why is it not possible to make programs for children anymore like this. The usual Pyxar animation would fail to convey the drama, apthos and simple joy of this film. Instead we are subjected to the likes of a politically correct Sesame street, including it's muppet with aids, the tele-tubbies, and Family guy.


Sequels have been made which are not as good as the first.

*This film is an allegory, ...The little boy is like many of us in the world -- searching for meaning, friends, love. Into his life comes something very beautiful, something that brings him great delight and joy. The adults around him have no use or time for this intruder. The children are fascinated by it. When they can not posesse the balloon for themselves, they destroy it. The balloon resurrects itself and gathers in all the other balloons of Paris. They lift the boy and carry him off into a world not subject to hate and destruction and uncaring. In a way, the balloon is a Christ like figure that is rejected by mankind -- finally murdered -- and then resurrects...

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I watched this movie in French class in Elementary School. Thank you for bringing back this wonderful memory!

Vive le Roi!