New setting for the Hope Diamond?

Catherine Delors has posted an article on her site about what the Smithsonian is going to do to the Hope Diamond. ...The Hope is of course the former "French Blue" purchased by Louis XIV for the gem dealer Tavernier, stolen during the French Revolution, "discovered" in London twenty years later, finally acquired by Harry Winston and donated to the Smithsonian, where it is now one of the star attractions... more

NPR (National Proletariat Radio) is asking what setting should be used, here...

Here's my opinion... It should be "setting" in the hands of the family from whom it was stolen, the Legitimate Heirs to the Throne, Louis XX.


Thanks and a tip of the beret to Catherine Delors.

Dieu le Roy,

A past article on this diamond may be found here...

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Matterhorn said...

Such a gorgeous gem.