Modesty in Dress

Elena-Maria has posted a link under the title Living The Virtue of Modesty.

I have begun to dress my granddaughters for Mass (above) when my daughter Michelle-Renee has to work. I may be my Marine Corps training, or the fact that I believe that someone should set the example, but more likely probably just good taste has compelled me to place them in a uniform for Mass.

I was presented with a few questions about why they are all dressed similar. I suppose that I could have purchased some moderate and modest dresses, to be worn to Mass, but the point is sometimes when one is setting the example sometimes one has to go to the extreme. I am tired of seeing the fashion terrorists coming to Mass, masquerading as the faithful, wearing AC/DC shirts, piercings in every place the needle would go and revealing clothes on teens and preteens.

I stopped an altar server yesterday (I am in charge of that ministry) and asked him if he could find a long pair of trousers and shoes to wear to serve in? I got a very strange look as though I were speaking in a foreign language!

My argument for dressing properly at Mass is this, if one were invited to see the Pope in a private audience, one would presumably dress appropriately. As we have heard "who is the greater the Master or the servant? It is the master of course! Why then do we feel compelled to visit the master in less than our finest? I have given this no little thought, and my only conclusion is that we the "faithful" have no Faith that Christ is truly present. If that is what we believe then it is better to stay at home and harm no one by your example.

Thanks for getting me started today Elena-Maria!

Elena-Maria has done a series of articles on modestly and attractive apparel for woman, you can find them at her site here...


Their Aunt Geneviève says they look Breton! Wait until I get them coifs! Just kidding. Left to right, Savannah, Kenedie, and Brittany (who has been confirmed and is now known as Marie-Marguerite.)

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