Jesuit Congregation States: "Justice Has Not Been Done"

Since 1154 there has been a separation between the Eastern and the Western Church in Russia. This has become more and more evident since the Russians have overthrown the old Communist regime. Ancient angst has been resurrected in Russia who see the Cartholic Church not as Christians but as a source of discontent, intent on bringing down traditions newly rediscovered. Joseph Fromm at Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit has posted the below article. Three little words...

MOSCOW, AUG. 28, 2009 (Zenit.org).- The murderer of Jesuit Father Victor Betancourt was sentenced on Tuesday, but the killing of the victim's confrere, Father Otto Messner, remains unpunished.

In a communiqué, the Society of Jesus of the Russian region expressed its disappointment and stated that justice has not been carried out.

The victims, Ecuadorian Father Victor Betancourt, 42, and Russian Father Otto Messner, 46, were found dead last October with blows to the head in a Moscow apartment owned by the Society of Jesus.

At the time the bodies were found, the dwelling was open and no valuable objects were missing.

Mikhail Orekhov was sentenced to 14 years of harsh imprisonment for the Oct. 25 murder of Father Betancourt, but absolved for the Oct. 27 murder of Father Messner, who was traveling and returned home two days after the first killing.

The accused criminal, who confessed to the two murders during the preliminary investigation, changed his version of the events in the course of the trial, alleging that the double murder was the work of another individual, unknown to him.

In keeping with the Russian judicial system, at the request of the accused, the trial took place before a popular jury.

The mistrust of the Roman Catholic Church in Russia (and in Russia over the Ukrain)may be plainly seen by these articles in Voices of Russia, written by an American, the editor's notes are instructive.

Vara has a good tendency which is a common characteristic amongst the Russian, franknness.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Joseph Fromm.

Dieu le Roy!

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