The Boal Mansion and the Columbus Chapel

Being a member of the Brotehrhood of knights who have taken as our patron, Christopher Columbus I was over joyed to see this today on Tea at Trianon. While Christopher Columbus has had a cause initiated for his sainthood an almost insurmountable stumbling block is that no actual record has been found of his marriage to Filipa Moniz.

According to the museum website:

An intriguing glimpse into who we are as Americans awaits travelers in the picturesque village of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. Nine generations of the Boal family have lived the story of America, and even have a tangible family connection with our famous founding father, Christopher Columbus.

As visitors drive up the long, gravel driveway of the 200-year-old Boal Estate beneath the ancient oak and maple trees, they begin their own voyage of American discovery. Few realize at first glance the incredible family memorabilia, authentic and intact, they will be experiencing during their one-hour visit. A lock of hair of Napoleon? Simon Bolivar’s pistol? Two pieces of the True Cross? Relics from the tomb of the grandparents of King Tut? Most leave saying, “This is amazing! Why haven’t we heard about this before?” A full 85% of visitors surveyed say the site exceeded their expectations.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria at Tea at Trianon.

Dieu Le Roy,