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Well it seems every so often I have to say this. I have been receiving many comments of late form posters identifying themselves as anonymous. I have relaxed the requirement to ID yourself, but if you are going to comment, and post as anonymous, remember that I do not have to publish them.

If you disagree with any of my blog, no problem, I write for myself, not for you.

I will post a negative comment, but if you wish it to be posted and you disagree with me be so kind as to use compleat sentences.

If I prove my point to my satisfaction and you are still confused I will end it, especially if it degenerates to circular arguements and you calling me names when the discussion goes in my favor.

Any answer posted to you comment will not be contrary to the Faith.

I never "agree to disagree".

I will not name call.

I will not post any comment that begins or contains... "you are a @#$%ing &*(%" _________ary.

If I am wrong I will admit it and post a retraction.

I reserve the right of sarcasm.

I am a Catholic and a Monarchist and I make no apologies for it.

My blog is not required reading, I am not keeping you here, you might try this...

Dieu Le Roy!

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