True Religion

Joseph over at Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit had a blurb on his blog about this...
There is a new company called True Religion (!), yes that is what it says. It is not a modest site...

But Catholics will put up with this, even though it is a direct attack on the Church. Hey 50% voted for Obama, right?

Articles to wash the grime out your mind may be found here and here...

Thanks to Elena-Maria for these links. Her site has a far better picture on it too.

I can not speak for the rest of mankind, but as this is my blog... I will say that if woman wants to be attractive she must dress attractive, refined, modest, and conservatively. She should refrain from sharing her secrets (an euphemism) with every one, and she should be pleasant, soft spoken, and not vulgar.

Men should dress the same, and act as a gentleman (the hardest part), and shave. Speak pleasantly, act refined, and refrain from unplesant speech or vulgarity. He should treat every woman with the respect that he would show the Virgin.

That is my two cents.


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