The soldier king, Albert I

Albert I, the much loved and inspiring King of Belgium was continually seen with his troops during the Great War. Evidently he was not afraid of personally defending his kingdom.



Matterhorn said...

Thank you for remembering King Albert I. It is very interesting to see the pictures of those times. I do think though that they were often rather more "glamorized" than Albert would probably have liked...he was a humble, modest, and very realistic man, who often felt uncomfortable with the degree of idolization he received in the press. But they do illustrate his courage, and that first picture definitely captures the tender support the Queen gave him.

He certainly shared the hardships and dangers of his troops. Once, from exhaustion he fell and slept at the side of the road! And as his friend, the Abbot of Orval, himself a decorated war veteran, said: "More than his duty demanded, but less than his heart desired, he went to the trenches of the Yser, and this man- for this king was a man, in the full sense of the term, dared to look death in the face."

Strange to think he survived all these dangers, and then died tragically in peacetime.

I, Richard, said...

God is the master of our fate. He was were he was needed. They don't come that way anymore.

Matterhorn said...

Of course, it is all in Providence, but still it was very sad.