Show trials, "so easy a cave man can do it."

Rule by intimidation. Stalin did it, Hitler did it, Now Ahmadinejad is doing it. Show trials. Showing the world you have yet to reach caveman status.

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press Writer – 35 mins ago

TEHRAN, Iran – A young French academic and local employees of the British and French embassies appeared before an Iranian judge Saturday along with dozens of opposition figures accused of involvement in the country's postelection unrest.

The extraordinary mass trial in Tehran's Revolutionary Court demonstrates the government's resolve to discredit Iran's pro-reform movement as a tool of foreign countries — particularly Britain and the United States — trying to spark a revolution to topple Iran's Islamic system.

The appearance of the British Embassy employee appeared to catch Britain off guard, and the Foreign Office in London promised a response to what it called "this latest outrage."

The defendants stand accused of crimes including rioting, spying and plotting a "soft overthrow" of the regime after the disputed June 12 presidential election.

Iran's opposition and the hundreds of thousands who took to the streets after the election denounced official results that declared President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner. The government has been eager to show that the outpouring was not the result of internal unrest but foreign interference.

During the session, a prosecutor read out an indictment saying the U.S. and Britain had plans to foment the unrest with the aim of toppling Iran's Islamic rulers through a "soft overthrow," the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The vague indictment also accused the two powers of providing financial assistance to Iran's reformists to undermine hard-line clerics within the ruling system.

A reformist Web site said riot police attacked family members of the defendants and others gathered in front of the court to denounce the trial.

Someday we will wake up. Hey why doesn't OB send in the Clinton family to fix it all up!


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