Roncevaux Pass

Matthew Palardy reminds me that it was on the Feast of the Assumption that Roland defended his King unto death.

On August 15 ...fell the greatest knight of the greatest emperor ever to rule in Christendom:

"Ah! Durendal, white art thou, clear of stain!
Beneath the sun reflecting back his rays!I
n Moriane was Charles, in the vale,
When from heaven God by His angel bade
Him give thee to a count and capitain;
Girt thee on me that noble King and great.
I won for him with thee Anjou, Bretaigne,
And won for him with thee Peitou, the Maine,
And Normandy the free for him I gained,
Also with thee Provence and Equitaigne,
And Lumbardie and all the whole Romaigne,
I won Baivere, all Flanders in the plain,
Also Burguigne and all the whole Puillane,
Costentinnople, that homage to him pays;
In Saisonie all is as he ordains;
With thee I won him Scotland, Ireland, Wales,
England also, where he his chamber makes;
Won I with thee so many countries strange
That Charles holds, whose beard is white with age!
For this sword's sake sorrow upon me weighs,
Rather I'ld die, than it mid pagans stay.
Lord God Father, never let France be shamed!"

the Song of Roland

Thanks Matthew.

With you I repeat the refrain!

Vive Le Roy!


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Matthew Palardy said...

Thanks for the link, Richard.

I, Richard, said...

Pas problem, c'est rien, mon ami.