Miracle Attributed to Blessed Charles

This article comes by a long and circutious route. I saw something about Blessed Karl on Wilson Revolution Unpugged, which directed me to Dr. Peter Chojnowski, and Andrew Cusack. All of which I have dutifully listed here, before I finnaly settled on Norumbega, whew. I guess I should add mine, here...
I think it is appropriate to remember at this time that in the war to make the "World Safe for Democracy" the only leader to be considered for canonization has been a Monarch ruling a country that was at war with the United States, (a country which has always considered itself as being as close to God as any country could be...)

Vatican to Review Case of Inexplicable Healing of Florida Woman

The seemingly inexplicable healing of a Baptist woman from Florida may provide the miracle necessary for the canonization of Emperor Charles of Austria. The woman, in her mid-50s, suffered from breast cancer and was bedridden after the cancer had spread to her liver and bones. Despite treatment and hospitalization, doctors diagnosed her case as terminal. But after intercessory prayers to the Emperor Charles, the woman (who wishes to maintain her privacy and remain unnamed) was completely healed.

The story begins when Joseph and Paula Melançon, a married couple from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and friends of the healed woman, travelled to Austria, where they met Archduke Karl Peter, son of Archduke Rudolf, and grandson of the holy Emperor Charles. The Archduke invited the couple to his grandfather’s beatification in Rome in 2004. Mrs. Melançon gave the novena to Blessed Charles to her sister-in-law, Vanessa Lynn O’Neill of Atlanta.

“I knew that when I got that novena — I knew that my mother’s best friend was sick — I just knew at that moment that it was something I was going to do,” Mrs. O’Neill told the Florida Catholic in an interview. “And that is how I got started, I just prayed the novena.”

Blessed Karl,
Pray for us...

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