Father Sebastian Rale, The French Jesuit Martyr

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit has entered this article today on another Jesuit martyr during the clash of empires...

During the war between England and France, and while Canada was in possession of the latter power, the Indians were often instigated by them to fall on the frontier settlements of the British colonies. In these proceedings, the French governor of Canada was much assisted by the Roman Catholic missionaries, who had attained a great ascendancy over the Indians.

One of the most celebrated of these missionaries was Father Sebastian Ralle, a French Jesuit, who spent thirty-seven years among the Indian tribes, in the interior parts of America, and learned most of their languages. He was a man of learning and address; and by a gentle, condescending deportment, and a compliance with the Indian modes and customs, he obtained a complete ascendancy over the natives; and used his influence to promote the interests of the French among them.

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