Change to my Email

I have been getting a large amount of nasty mail from a woman who goes by the the name of Marianne Coquillon. All of her mail has gone to my GMail account. The problem is that who ever writes to me sends her a copy as well. I seem to have a security issue her so please do not write to gunnyb1973@gmail.com. Anyone who knows me will already have my yahoo account and a comment on an article will receive a reply.

Here is the substance of two letter from her to me...

It is in 1650 when it first happened.
I take it from your answer that you are a white supremacist.
That means that for as far as I am concerned the case is definitely closed.

Happy killings!


Just read about Henderson in Wikipedia.
Nothing much to be proud of especially not with the KKK in the phone book.

It opens a world to me and I understand your drive better now.


I have no idea where this came from, she originally asked me a question which I answwered and was sent hate mail instead. Go figure. She has perported to be from Holland and read an article of mine which she commented on, but I have no date time group for that time from Holland. I republican spy no doubt.


Post script: I believe I corrected the problem with the email.

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