Our next Grandchild.

My daughter Geneviève has reached her second trimester. It will only be a short time and God will provide her and her husband David with their first baby, and our 8th grandchild. She is being patiently awaited, for her entrance into the world.

During her ultrasound they found out she will be a daughter.

They have decided to call her, Audrey Suzanne. Suzanne has been a traditional middle name in my wifes family since before the 1870's. Tradition carries on.

Thank you God.



tubbs said...

And Audrey is a common variation of Etheldreda, an Anglo-Saxon Saint. There is a beautiful RC church in London named for her. It is one of the few pre-reformation churches in the UK that has blessedly reverted back to Catholic hands.
Prayers and Best Wishes for the arrival of the new grandchild!

Matterhorn said...

Congratulations and God bless! A beautiful name.