Marie Adelaide de Savoie

I have a confession to make. I once purchased a copy of Nancy Mitford's tome The Sun King, about Louis XIV. I was enchanted by this portrait Marie Adelaide. I still have the book and when ever I look at this portrait, and endearing feeling overcomes me.

Here we see her in a hunting dress, no Royalty of France was ever far from a horse or on horseback during the reign of Louis XIV! Bourbon's lived for the hunt, no doubt that is why Versailles started off as a hunting lodge by Louis XIII. (Some hunting lodge!)

Elena-Marie directs us to Enchanted by Josephine and this article about Marie Adelaide of Savoy.

Anyone who reads my blog will note that I have only briefly mentioned the Ogre or Josephine Beauharnais, but if Elena-Marie recommends a story I trust her judgement.

Vive le Roy!

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