"La tristesse durera toujours", homage to Monsieur Vincent

Today is the anniversary of the death of Vincent Van Gogh, in 1890.

During a trip from Irvine, California to Chicago, Illinois in the company of my youngest Genevieve (she was 4 at the time)for my brothers wedding, we stopped one day at the scene of my Bohemian youth, the Art Institute. It was there that I introduced her to Monsieur Vincent, or as I have come to address him as simply Vincent. I told her the old wives tale that he cut off his ear for a woman. We continued the tour. Attended the wedding, took the L to my parents house and eventually returned to SoCal.

Several months after our return to California, during a drive in the car she sat in the back and sang, (that is what kids do, OK?). In mid-chorus of BINGO, she said, Daddy tell me again hwy did Van Gogh cut off his ear? It was cute at the time and endeared me to her, she was listening...

And the real story? No one knows for sure, but the best theory is that he lost during a severe seizure on 24 December 1888.

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"...the sadness will continue forever..." Theo Van Gogh

The above self portrait is found in the Art Institute of Chicago, it is the one I showed Genevieve.

My brother James remains married to his wife Beth,and has two beautiful daughters Danielle-Murielle, and Dominique-Solange.



Anonymous said...

This poor fellow was overwhelmed with sorrow and severe depression. In this moderne day, of course he would have sought medical attention. But in his time depression was not recognized as a clinical condition but rather a condition of the soul or person. (Of course, it can be both.) We must remember to not allow sorrow overwhelm us. This is not easy. I know as I have often suffered from depression. But He is near to the broken hearted and Jesus is ready to receive all who ask Him into their hearts.

*It is always important to remember--if one feels like hurting himself or another, there is compassionate and immediate help at hospitals. One must not be ashamed to admit the need for help There is help and hope!! I lost a family member to suicide. The sorrow never leaves, as Van Gogh said so poignantly.

Matterhorn said...

Thank you for this tribute, he was very gifted, but his story was so sad.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Yes very true. I have seen most of his paintings in one place or another. Truly gifted.