The Execution of St. Thomas More, Martyr

Durlandal has posted posted this article on St Thomas More. I direct you to it here... and follow with this excerpt...

About Nine he was brought out of the Tower; his Beard was long, his face pale and thin, and carrying a Red Cross in his Hand, he often lift up his Eyes to Heaven; a Woman meeting him with a cup of Wine, he refused it saying, Christ at his Passion drank no wine, but Gall and Vinegar. Another Woman came crying and demanded some Papers she said she had left in his Hands, when he was Lord Chancellor, to whom he said, Good woman, have Patience but for an Hour and the King will rid me of the Care I have for those Papers, and every thing else. Another Woman followed him, crying, He had done her much Wrong when he was Lord Chancellor, to whom he said, I very well remember the Cause, and is I were to decide it now, I should make the same Decree.

Always the humorist, it is recorded that upon stepping onto the scaffold he stubbled a bit, and remarked to the executioner who had caught him, "Help me up, but on the way down I'll shift for myself".

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