Congressional Catholics fail the Pro-Life Test... Again

Whoa! There is a surprise. When one derives his authority from the mob, then any moral decision is lost.

Catholics in Congress Flunk the Pro-Life Test, Again
by Deal W. Hudson

Lisa Correnti at http://www.onenationundergod.org/ has done us the service of tabulating the vote of Catholic members of Congress on the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.

84 Catholics voted against the amendment while 46 voted for it.

I hope that every Catholic who voted against the amendment will be receiving a phone or a letter from their local bishop. It doesn't need to be made public, but it needs to be done.

Planned Parenthood received $350 million in federal funds last year and was responsible for 350,000 abortions. You do the math!

Although federal funds cannot pay directly for the abortion procedure, those funds can be used to support ancillary services, such as counseling, that lead to it.

Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) cited several reasons for defunding Planned Parenthood -- in addition to the moral wrong of abortion, he cited the video evidence compiled by Lila Rose proving some Planned Parenthood clinics are covering up instances of statutory rape.

Catholics in Congress have flunked the pro-life test, again. Let's hope enough of them band together with other pro-lifers to get abortion services and euthanasia counseling out of the health care bill.

To those "Catholics" who accuse the pro-life movement of being one issue voters and voted to retain and in some cases elect ci-dissant Catholics who support abortion, the evil one applaudes your lack of moral courage, and that of the Catholic Representatives in Congress.

100% of Abortion rights advocates were not aborted... isafact!



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