Cafeteria Catholics...

There is a popular Protestant(1) misconception that the Catholic Church does not teach, open, or outright forbids Catholics to read the Bible. This is patently wrong. I have been told this personally. Do not attempt to argue with these people, facts only confuse them.

The Full Gospel Churches down the road do not teach anything which is not in accordance with their view. Usually this involves the Book of Daniel, and Revelations. Which like the liberals in the Congress allow them a lot of leeway to read into scripture what view fits their view.

For example, we have a friend who is a Baptist woman. She sits on her Church committee for choosing a pastor. Since her Baptist church voted to have women pastors, if a prospective pastor, fresh from the theological seminary does not agree he will not get the job. They voted on what they believe.

Much of what the Reformation has done (and I am afraid, Vatican II has been misinterpreted on this point) has come about because the faithful have decided what their faith will and does say. These are Cafeteria Catholics. Unfortunatly some are lead by their Priests. Which leads into the next article, from the April 9 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer...

Catholic church will continue to shrink if faith is not followed
Posted by Martin Dybicz April 05, 2009 05:00AM

After reading the opinions expressed in The Plain Dealer these last few weeks, I am wondering what the reaction will be when consolidation takes place again in another 25 years, making this one look like small potatoes.

If present trends continue, consolidation will take place then for the same reason it is taking place now: Those who are leading Catholic institutions are not proclaiming, nearly enough, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is only fully articulated in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church."

The dirty little secret is that many of these "leaders" do not believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is fully articulated in the Catechism. As a result, too many Catholic institutions are led by "cafeteria Catholics" (who pick and choose what they want from the faith) for, what is too often the case, other "cafeteria Catholics" (who like the morphing of the Catholic Church into the Unitarian Church).

Dybicz is a theology teacher at St. Ignatius High School.


(1) I include Basptists (of all the diverse sects), Presbyterians, Evangelicals, COG, and all Other Than Catholic religions under this title.


Anonymous said...

At a church that you and I have attended, I sat next to some that believe in abortion and he sincerely thinks that the Eucharist "is only a symbol". He's not a bad bloke but he thinks he can believe that an remain Catholic. In another place I attended a Mass where people were asked to jump, do the "wave", and shout stuff to the tune of the crassest kind of "music" (din, I would call it). Yet another one mentioned in passing that abortion was OK and we have to have elective priests so everyone gets to be a priest for a year. This last one boasts of 16 years of "Catholic education". The situation is bad, very bad. The saddest part is that priests and other religious have joined this nonsense.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Well the person next to you is not Catholic, what he says is heretical. Voicing it leads others into sin. I guess if satan wasn't burning someone he would also be said to not be a bad bloke.

There are sadly liturgical abuses in our diocese. I left a parish because the priest there spoke heretically y and I challenged him.

There is a certain elitist bend to these persons.

We have a had an elderly priest there who has helped out whom the pastor has told not to preach his opinions at Mass because he is so liberal. yes our parish.