The Widow Capet

Elena-Maria, reminds us that the Revolution was not done with the family of Louis XVI, after he was murdered. A final insult was to call her the widow Capet. like a queen she bore this with the grace that underlined her heritage.

Above is a posthumous portrait depicting Marie-Antoinette in the Temple prison after the murder of her husband. A bit idealized (I doubt that she had a bust of Louis XVI at hand) it is nevertheless based upon a Vigee-Lebrun portrait. The queen did have her missal with her, because it is recorded that the Revolutionaries later took it away when she was sent to the Conciergerie. Antonia Fraser mentions in Marie-Antoinette: The Journey that the queen would ask her sister-in-law Madame Elisabeth to read the words of the Mass to her from the missal. (In the Temple prison they were forbidden to receive the sacraments.) more

St Marie-Antoinette pray for us.


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