Two new blogs added to my blog roll

The first comes from a self described Royalist, Legitimatist, and conter- revolutionary, his blog presents him as a Catholic. Therefore he is after my own heart. He lives in the Vendee,

The blog is named, Le trône et l'autel, the Throne and the Altar. It is in French, Je suis desolete, so practice your French. The article I have just started to engulf my self in.


The second is a Catholc Blog called Credidimus Caritati. I was atracted to this site while looking for a picture of our Lady of Perpetual Help. I will be placing an article on my blog with a redirect to a marvelous and miraclous true story. having gone to a Parish of Redemptorists at St. Alphonsus in Chicago, this Icon was in each classroom.




de Brantigny........................ said...

Mickaelus has left a new comment on your post "Two new blogs added to my blog roll":

I thank you for the link and the article ; I have done the same, and added a link and wrote a short article.

I am always glad to see that people from another country than France are interested in its royalist tradition (and the true one, the legitimist !).

And I agree with you : it is a really good idea to learn french when you love France (I apologize if I have done mistakes, my english is what it is).

de Brantigny........................ said...

Ah! Non...Je parle français comme une vache-espagnole!