Far too long I have neglected my original reason for this blog, the truth about Revolution and those who became martyrs for the faith...

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Montreuil was given to Madame Elisabeth of France in 1781 by Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Since life at the royal palace afforded little or no privacy, the King and the Queen decided to give the seventeen year old princess a place to call her own. According to Imbert de Saint-Amand's Marie-Antoinette and the End of the Old Regime:

In 1781, Louis XVI., who dearly loved his sister, made her a fitting present. At No. 41 of the Avenue de Paris, at Versailles, there is a little street running north and south, called the rue du Bon Conseil. At No. 2 in this street is the entrance into a building which extends for some distance along the Avenue de Paris. This house was built about 1776, for the governess of the royal children, the Princess of Rohan-Gueménée. A lovely garden was laid out there; from the top of a hillock, eight or ten metres high, which was ascended by a spiral staircase concealed in the shrubbery, there was a distant view of Paris, lying like a giant on the horizon. This pretty place was situated in what was then a suburb of Versailles, and was called Montreuil. In 1781, the Prince of Gueménée became bankrupt, and the Princess, in order to satisfy as far as possible, her husband's creditors, sold her diamonds, her furniture and estates, including the house and park of Montreuil. Madame Elisabeth had often walked there, and she greatly admired its shade and its flowers. more...

Despite her young age at the time of her martyrdom Madame Elisabeth was strong in her faith and met her death as a daughter of France, head up and with courage, knowing with certitude what her reward was.

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