Don't you wish yourgirlfriend was .....

This is the reason I do not have a tattoo, even after 22 years in the Marines.
Looking at the Fox News network I came along this...

"...Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, is now suing the tattoo artist who she claims went way beyond what she had asked for. The Belgian teen says she woke up in pain after falling asleep as Rouslan Toumaniantz drew the permanent ink designs. She then discovered 56 "frightening" black stars of different sizes from her nose to ear and brow to chin.

"I wanted him to tattoo on just three little points but he suggested three stars, saying it would look prettier,” Vlaeminck said.

"When he started the tattooing I didn't want to feel the pain and so I went to sleep. I woke up when he was starting to tattoo my nose and I saw what he had already done. I counted 56 stars, it's frightening..."

OK I don't know about anybody else but when I have some one poking me with something sharp in the face I just can't get to sleep... More.

...And here is a picture of the "artiste"... Mdme Vigee-la Brun don't look!

above: Rouslan Toumaniantz aka "All the girls like me Toumaniantz"

All this leads up to this article by Elena-Maria's article on being Modest, not Frumpy. This style is much more attractive than a woman who wish to look like barbarians. ...And while I am at it... Women who wear purfume should do so conservatively so that it draws the man closer, not in gallons to repel men and any other creature, ie: bugs. Never use it as deoderant! that was my two scents worth.

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