June 2, 1793

It was on this day that the Girondins fell as they tried to distance themselves from the radicals they had unleashed. In their attempt to bring various radicals to heal the Girondins attempted to bring Marat to justice, which only increased his prestige. His acquittal was a foregone conclusion.

François Hanriot with the National Guards purged the Convention of the Girondists. A list drawn up by Hanriot, and endorsed by a decree of the intimidated Convention, included twenty-two Girondist deputies and ten members of the Commission of Twelve, who were ordered to be detained at their lodgings "under the safeguard of the people". Some submitted, among them Gensonné, Guadet, Vergniaud, Pétion, Birotteau and Boyer-Fonfrède. Others, including Brissot, Louvet, Buzot, Lasource, Grangeneuve, Larivière and Bergoing, escaped from Paris and, joined later by Guadet, Pétion and Birotteau, set to work to organize a movement of the provinces against the capital. Many of the escaped, returned to the coast. It was false information about their location, which Charlotte Corday used to gain entrance to the home of Marat.

The trial of twenty-one deputies, which began before the Revolutionary Tribunal on 24October 1793, was a mere farce, the verdict also a foregone conclusion. On 31 October they were borne to the guillotine in five tumbrils, the corpse of Dufriche de Valazé, the 22nd deputy -- who had killed himself -- being carried with them. They met death with great courage, signing the refrain Plutôt la mort que l'esclavage.

Does history repeat itself? Can a political party over reach to the point where it is devoured by it's opponents or itself? Only time will tell. This is the defect of a democracy, the party in power will always be jealous of their power. In a republic the party in power never applys itself for the good of their constituancy, they apply their power to maintain that power. Their allegiance is to themselves not to God. Thus it was for the French, and thus it is for the United States.

VIve le Roy!

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