Jesus vs. Muhammad - What Christians need to know about the Muslim plot to control the world

Robert Banaugh has linked me to Life Site News which has this article in it.

The Muslim way – immigrate, procreate, populate, infiltrate, overtake
Unsustainable birthrates (zero or less than zero population growth) in France, Germany, Italy, England and Spain, combined with increased Muslim immigration to those countries, have created the "perfect storm" for the cultural transformation of Western Europe.

The strategy is based on immigrant families simply out-populating their host country. While it is difficult to imagine something like this occurring in a totalitarian regime like China or North Korea, in democratic countries it is not only possible, it is happening right now.

Take Great Britain, for instance. In England, family size averages 1.8 children per couple. Compare that to 8.1 children per couple for Muslim immigrant families and what we see is a little startling if not mind-blowing. The cultural transformation of Europe is driven entirely by Western society abandoning its biblical mandate to "be fruitful and multiply!"

The Muslim average of 8.1 children per family verses 1.8 for Brits produces a net gain of 6.3 children per family. Keep that up over three generations of voting age adults and the social, political, and financial control of Western democracies is not only likely, it is inevitable. Some European countries are now incenting natural-born citizens to have more children, but it is too late. Population experts say the trend is irreversible. Within 50 years, the European Union will be under Muslim control and Europe will cease to exist as we know it.

Muslim control is a numbers game

Deploying this strategy globally, Muslims can take political control of the Western world without firing a shot. Christians need to understand what is happening, and recognize that our children and grandchildren are going to live in a much different world than the one we occupy today.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge - Hosea 4:6

The only way to address a problem is to be aware of it. Make no mistake: the U.S. government is aware of this problem -- they just don't know what to do about it.

Based on his dismissal of America as a Judeo-Christian nation, President Obama's approach is to heal wounds by removing Christianity as a stumbling block to progress. That way, he can proactively embrace the Muslim world as a potential trading partner and friend of the United States.

The president is well aware of the Muslim transformation of Europe and is preparing for what he believes will happen in America. He is not looking back at our history; he is looking forward to what could be a Muslim-controlled America.

What does that mean to Christians? One thing -- We must look to God...and prepare accordingly.

If we don't, our fate will be the same as Europe and Canada. Our nation is clearly on that path, but not as far down the road as our cousins across the pond and to the north.

What happened in Europe can happen to us

The vast majority of European couples abandoned the faith of their Christian ancestors long ago. Today only five percent of people living in Europe actively attend church. The erosion of faith in Europe, Canada and to a lesser extent, here in the United States, is accompanied by three cultural phenomena: (1) smaller families, (2) desire for personal autonomy, and (3) focus on materialism.

Globally, preoccupation with self is nothing new, but the aggressive promotion of anti-family values and the cultural pressure to keep family size limited for the good of society is.

This article goes on to say that the US Government is aware of all this, but does not know how to counteract it. This may be true but when we have a president whose goal is to prevent a "mistake" by abortion, and the congress and judiciary are aligned with that thought what message is being sent out? We can not have it both ways. In our generation we laud unwed women who adopt African babies on the one hand while carrying a picket sign in the other proclaiming abortion as a right.

I would like to thank my some time contributor Robert for linking me to this.


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