Is Culture Religiously Neutral?

Nicholas Wansbutter has posted his thoughts on culture at Durandal.

Is Culture Religiously Neutral?
By N.D.C. Wansbutter, Esq.

In my many interactions with traditionalists and people in general on the internet and in real life, I've come across time and again this assumption that all cultures are essentially equal and also "neutral" as they relate to God. Thus, in the often heated arguments about women wearing slacks, the claim that in parts of Asia traditional garb includes pants for women gets tossed about; or one will find a fellow traditionalist openly expressing his appreciation of certain pagan cultures, or seeing nothing wrong with jeans, hoodies, or other bits of modern culture.

My view is that this is a sort of false oecumenism because, in a word, cultures are neither equal nor religiously neutral. Let us start with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: no traditionalist would deny that the Traditional Latin Mass is the manner in which the Lord God desires to be worshipped. Yet that Mass has all sorts of cultural elements, and in a way was influenced by, and influenced, the culture around it. Moving beyond just the Mass, European medieval culture specifically, was saturated with the Catholic Faith and said faith deeply influenced it. It is, therefore, objectively superior to other cultures, as are the European cultures which developed out of medieval culture.

Nicholas Wansbutter, Esq. is a barrister and stands before the Queens Court, he lives in Canada. He is a contributing editor of Durandal, and other fine blogs.

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