Feast of the Sacred Heart

Byron Bullock has sent me a link to the Fountain of Elias, which I have copied and excerpt here. The Fountain of Elias is an additional blog writen by Elena-Maria Vidal whose work is no stranger here at Le Fleur de Lys.

"I have come to cast a fire on the earth: what will I, but that it be kindled?" (Luke 12:49)

During the first millennium of Christianity, many saints wrote with unction of the pierced side of Our Lord, from which flowed "blood and water" (John 19:34), symbolizing the sacraments of the Church. It was not until the later ages, "when the charity of many [had] grown cold" (Matthew 24:12), that Our Lord chose to reveal the hidden treasures of His Sacred Heart. The gnostic excesses of the Manicheans, the upheavals of the Protestant revolt, and the chilling exaggerations of Jansenism required as an antidote the gradual but compelling manifestations of the love and mercy of the Heart of God.

It was in the thirteenth century that mystic souls such as St. Bonaventure, St. Mechtilde, and St. Gertrude began to write explicitly about devotion to the Sacred Heart, focusing on the infinite love which pursues and surrounds us. more

More thanks to Byron and Elena-Maria!

Sacré-Cœur de Jésus, priez pour nous!

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elena maria vidal said...

Thank you Richard and I am grateful to Byron for forwarding my article.