Duc Charles d’Orléans at Bolingbroke

Jackie at The Mysteries of Jehanne d’Arc posted this interesting missive on the captured Duc Charles d'Orleans at Bolingbroke Castle. Jackie lives very close to the is ancient edifice.

In the year 1425…

‘During the four years while this state of suspense continued both in France and England, the only practical matters that Charles had with which to fill his thoughts in his virtually solitary confinement in Bolingbroke were the everlasting financial affairs of his brother (Jean), for the money for whose release he was still being pressed.’ more
Most Christian, Noble Kingdom of France ~ Charles d’ Orléans

…Praying to God that before I reach old age

A time of peace may everywhere arrive

As I long for with all my heart

And that I should see all your ills soon end

Most Christian, Noble Kingdom of France

ore is nown about his natural brother http://xenophongroup.com/montjoie/dunois.htm a Companion of the Maid than about Duc Charles.

Jhesu + Marie,

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