The Wounded Sacred Heart of Jesus

...God has chosen France as the "Eldest Daughter". In return for his patronage he has asked very little, only obedience and steadfastness to the faith...

...In 1676, Our Lord Jesus Himself introduced the devotion to His flaming Heart to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun of the Visitation. He promised, “I will bless every house in which an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored...” he also asked that an image of His Scared heart be added to the Arms of France and that France be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The confessor of Ste Margaret Mary, St Claude de Colombiere, presented this request to Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet a theologian in the court of Louis XIV and recommended that this idea be rejected. It was and Louis' rejection cost France dearly. The end of the Reign of Louis XIV was marked by a series of devastating wars, so many in fact that upon his death bed Louis remarked, "I have loved war too much". His own heir having died before him and the crown passed to his grandson.

Louis XV also did not add the Sacred heart to the Arms of France nor did he consecrate France to the Sacred Heart, his son died and the Crown passed to a grandson again, in the person of Louis XVI. When in the hour of his extremity Louis XVI did consecrate France to the Sacred Heart, it was too late for him, and as he was held captive very few ever learned about this consecration. The Sacred Heart did not appear on the Arms of France.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart sustained Ste Marie-Antoinette the Queen martyr in her hour. The emblem of the Sacred Heart was carried by the Royal and Catholic army in the Vendee, and worn on the breasts of its inhabitants. The acts of Louis XVI and the soldiers of the Vendee, expiated by their blood in a small way the crimes of the masonic republic. The wearing of the this Sacred Heart badge act probably saved France for the Church.

In his time a new Empire was proclaimed (falsely) by a nephew of the Ogre, Napoleon Bonaparte. This Louis Napoleon, having failed in his every endeavour, was finally was subdued by the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian War. This Emperor in whose reign a small girl, a non-entity was graced by a vision of the Immaculate Conception, also refused to add the Sacred Heart to the Tricolour. Having failed to do so, he lost his Empire, and France was touched by the grip of a new revolution, the Commune, who attempted to emulate the revolution of 1789 by killing priests and religious. It was during this time that Our Lady Of Pontmain, visited that small village and appeared to 4 Children and the village priest led the village in the Rosary...

On January 17, 1871, twelve-year-old Eugène Barbedette and his brother were doing their chores in the barn when, around 6:00 in the evening, they looked outside and saw a woman suspended about twenty feet above the house of a neighbor. She wore a dark blue dress covered with stars and a golden crown. Quickly a small group gathered, but only the children could see the lady. Two other children were brought to the barn and immediately they also could see her. The parish priest began to lead the group in the rosary. As the children watched, a white banner was unrolled beneath the woman's feet and words began to appear: "But pray, my children. God will soon answer your prayers. My Son allows himself to be moved."(1) Then four candles appeared beside her. The woman spread her arms to the people and then disappeared around 9:00 p.m.

The next day the villagers learned that a Prussian army hitherto advancing on the village was withdrawing. The night the apparition took place in Pontmain, the German leader, General von Schmidt, received an unexpected order that commanded him to withdraw his troops. The war ended a week later with an armistice signed in Paris on January 28, with the French admitting defeat. Pontmain and western France were spared, and all the soldiers conscripted from Pontmain returned home unharmed. The Virgin Mary had interceded and saved Pontmain because of the prayers of the villagers. A Church on the premises dedicated to Our Lady of Prayer was consecrated on October 15, 1900. Today it is visited by some 350,000 pilgrims annually. The statue in front of the basilica is located on the site of her appearance.

The Grace of The Crucified Christ shown for a short time on the people of France once more.

And then there was Claire Ferchaud...

Born on May 5 in 1896, she was hurriedly dressed in a white gown and taken to the local church where she was Baptised Claire-Yvonne-Marie-Louis. She was born in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, in the small village of Loublande, in the Vendéen hedged farmland called the Bocage. She attended the school of the Sacred Heart and during her childhood, she was subject to apparitions. Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joan of Arc appeared to her and asked her to deliver for them messages.

By the end of 1916, Jesus shows to Claire his heart "lacerated by the sins of humanity " and crossed by a deeper wound atheism. She confides in the parish priest of Loublande, the Abbot Audebert. Then Jesus entrusts to her a mission: to contact President Poincaré regarding her conversion with Jesus, being the placing of the Sacred Heart on French flags, which will insure the final victory of the armies of France against the Germans.

In accordance with the wishes of Our Saviour, she writes this missive, and her letter is sent to the President Poincaré January 16 1917. He ignores it. By the intervention and help of a prominent royalist representative, the small mystic is received on March 21 at the Elysée palace where she arrives to deliver this message: "The President was to ask the Bishops to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to ask the parliament to place the 'Sacred Heart' image on the white portion of the French flag... President Poincaré seemed to consent to her suggestions, but strangely once again nothing in fact is done. Clair sends to President Poincaré a second letter on the 1st of May, again he does nothing. On May 7, she then sends the letter of warning to 14 generals of the army, asking "that the picture of the Sacred Heart, signs hope and of good day, shine officially on our national colors". Only one complies (2), and that Division of the Army saves Paris from the advancing German Army in the 2nd Battle of the Marne. The Sacred Heart will be invoked during this conflict by faithful millions of, but never will be placed on the standards.

Clear withdraws to her home to accomplish the other mission that God inspired in her: to found a congregation to repair the insult done to the Sacred Heart, "in substitution to the refusal by the France to recognize officially God for master". She will take the name of Sister Claire of Crucified Jesus. The community will receive the blessing of Pope Pius XII!

During 1918, there thousands of pilgrims invade the town of Loublande simply to be near Clair and the Sacred Heart. The height of these pilgrimages occurred on June 7 1918 with a procession of torches which 10,000 pilgrims participate! ...But the peace signed in 1918, as had announced by Claire Ferchaud, would not be "final". A greater holocaust is yet to come. Clair asks for and is granted a perpetual Mass for France, which was approved by Mgr Humbrecht, the bishop of Poitiers, on June 11, 1918.

The picture of the " Sacred Heart of Jesus broken for our sins", which was painted under the directions of Claire Ferchaud (a reproduction which is exposed in the chapel of the house of the Sacred Heart of Loublande) is seen widely in Royalist and Catholic places of the faith.

Today the Royalists of France are represent on their color the sacred heart, sometimes as the Chouans and sometimes as it was requested By Christ through Clair Ferchaud.

But until France and the world consecrate their countries individually peace will not come nor wil the enemies of the church be crushed.

I respectfully call upon S.A.R. Louis Alphonse, as legitmate heir of the Crown of France to Publically Consecrate France to the Sacred Heart.

Dieu Suave le Roy!
Sacré-Cœur de Jésus, priez pour nous!

A link to a place from which you may obtain a tricolour with the Sacred Heart is here...

(1)"Mais priez mes enfants, Dieu vous exaucera en peu de temps. Mon Fils se laisse toucher".
(2) Some references in English say none complied.

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