Catholic Priests, Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War.

Most Americans remember the Spanish Civil War through films such as "For whom the bell tolls..." by Ernest Hemmingway (I would say his book but no one reads anymore.) and a brief mention in Casablanca, or the paintings of Pablo Picasso or Salvadore Dali.

Left: Spanish Leftists Shoot Statue Of Christ

The Republican side is often lionized as being the democratic side. The truth is a bit different. This "republican" government was socialist, and as any socialist government it must destroy religion.

During the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, and especially in the early months of the conflict, individual clergymen and entire religious communities were executed with a death toll of 13 bishops, 4172 diocesan priests and seminarists, 2364 monks and friars and 283 nuns, for a total of 6832 victims, as part of what is referred to as Spain's Red Terror. many of these were killed by the lefests for the same reason that Marie-Antoinette was martyred, they did not support the revolution...

Spanish Jesuits killed by Spanish leftests during the Civil War...

Fr José María Alegre Jiménez (1865-1936) 10-11-1936: Madrid

Fr Bartolomeo Arbona Estades (1862-1936) 29-11-1936: Barcelona

Br Juan Bautista Arconada Pérez (1890-1934) 7-10-1934: Oviedo

Fr Ramón Artigues Sirvent (1902-1936) 20-7-1936: Lérida

Fr Francisco Audí Cid (1872-1936) 3-11-1936: Tortosa

Fr Jesús Ballesta Tejero (1903-1936) 8-8-1936: Madrid

Fr Narciso Basté Basté (1866-1936) 15-10-1936: Valencia

Fr Luis Boguñá Porta (1893-1936) 14-8-1936: Gerona

Fr Pablo Bori Puig (1864-1936) 29-9-1936: Valencia

Fr Constantino Carbonell Sempere (1866-1936) 23-8-1936: Gandía

Fr Andrés Carrió Bertrán (1876-1936) 26-8-1936: Alicante

Fr Manuel De La Cerda y De Las Bárcenas (1900-1936) 4-12-1936: Madrid

Fr Olegario Corral García (1871-1936) 28-12-1936: Santander

Fr Fé1ix Cots Oliveras (1895-1936) 21-7-1936: Barcelona

Br José Ignacio Elduayen Larrañaga (1884-1936) 7-8-1936: Madrid

Fr Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda (1861-1936) 29-12-1936: Valencia

Br Pedro Gelabert Amer (1887-1936) 23-8-1936: Gandía

Fr Juan Gómez Hellín (1899-1936) 2-10-1936: Madrid

Fr Manuel González Hernández (1889-1936) 8-9-1936: Ciudad Real

Br Ramón Grimaltos Monllor (1861-1936) 23-8-1936: Gandia

Fr Darío Hernández Morató (1880-1936) 29-9-1936: Valencia

Br Domingo Ibarlucea Iregui (1906-1936) 8-9-1936: Ciudad Real

Br Felipe Iriondo Amundaráin (1869-1936) 21-7-1936: Barcelona

Br Lorenzo Isla Sanz (1865-1936) 25-7-1936: Tarragona

Fr Manuel Luque Fontanilla (1856-1936) 29-8-1936: Almería

Br José Llatje Blanc (1893-1936) 5-9-1936: Tortosa

Br Constantino March Batlles (1877-1937) 16-3-1937: Barcelona

Fr Emilio Martínez Martínez (1893-1934) 7-10-1934: Oviedo

Fr Braulio Martínez Simón (1852-1936) 25-7-1936: Tarragona

Fr Marcial Mayorga Paredes (1902-1936) 15-10-1936: Santander

Fr Miguel Mendoza Reig (1889-1936) 1-9-1936: Barcelona

Fr José Muñoz Albiol (1904-1936) 15-10-1936: Barcelona

Fr Jaime Noguera Baró (1901-1937) 14-2-1937: Barcelona

Fr Alfonso Payán Pérez (1877-1936) 30-8-1936: Almería

Fr Manuel Peypoch Sala (1870-1936) 29-7-1936: Manresa

Fr José Romá Carreres (1895-1936) 21-7-1936: Barcelona

Fr Juan Rovira Oriandis (1877-1936) 3-11-1936: Tortosa

Br Pascual Ruiz Ramírez (1901-1936) 7-8-1936: Madrid

Br Vicente Sales Genovés (1888-1936) 29-9-1936: Valencia

Br José Sampol Escalas (1899-1936) 27-8-1936: Barcelona

Fr José SAnchez Oliva (1891-1936) 9-9-1936: Ciudad Real

Br Antonio Sanchiz Martínez (1906-1936) 9-9-1936: Ciudad Real

Fr Martín Santaella Gutiérrez (1873-1936) 26-8-1936: Almería

Fr Alfredo Simón Colomina (1877-1936) 29-11-1936: Valencia

Fr Tomás Sioar Fortiá (1866-1936) 19-8-1936: Gandía

Br José Tarrats Comaposada (1876-1936) 28-9-1936: Valencia

Fr Francisco Javier Tena Colom (1863-1936) 26-8-1936: Barcelona

Fr Ricardo Tena Montero De Espinosa (1877- 1936) 8-9-1936: Azuaga

Fr Joaquín María Valentí De Marti (1884- 1936) 14-8-1936: Gerona

Fr Ignacio de Velasco Nieto (1890-1936) 24-9-1936: Madrid

Fr José Vergés De Trias (1898-1936) 14-8-1936: Gerona

Fr Demetrio Zurbitu Recalde (1886-1936) 20-10-1936: Barcelona

Br Catarino Abril Marín (1881-1936) 23-8-1936: Valencia

Fr Ismael Accensi Cid (1894-1936) 3-8-1936: Tortosa

Br Diego Aguilera (1912-1938) 29-3-1938: Córdoba

Br Juan Bautista Andrada Salvador (1898-1936) 25-10-1936: Valencia

Fr José del Arco (1889-1936) 27-12-1936: Santander

Br José Manuel Arín Dorronsoro (1887-1936) 26-11-1936: Madrid

Fr Angel Armiñana Silvestre (1902-1936) 3-10-1936: Alicante

Fr Leopoldo Barba Caballero (1870-1936) 18-9-1936: Málaga

Fr Juan ● Fr Beamonte García (1895-1936) 7-8-1936: Valencia

Fr Manuel Berdún (1879-1937) 15-3-1937: Barcelona

Fr Paulino Bertrán Sempere (1874-1936) 10-8-1936: Manresa

Br Tomás Boix Almiñana (1866-1936) 24-8-1936: Barcelona

Fr Baldomero Bonilla Fernández (1865-1936) 15-10-1936: Murcia

Fr Ignacio Casanovas Camprubí (1865-1936) 21-8-1936: Barcelona

Br Ramón Codina Alier (1869-1936) 25-7-1936: Barcelona

Br José Conti Sala (1865-1936) 9-8-1936: Valencia

Br Manuel Darder Palahi (1862-1936) 15-10-1936: Valencia

Br Agustín Díaz y Zapata (1869-1936) 27-7-1936: Toledo

Br José Fabregat Verdú (1893-1936) 8-9-1936: Valencia

Fr Agustín Fernández Hernández (1904-1936) 14-8-1936: Gijón

Fr Manuel Fernández Díaz-Masa (1904-1936) 30-11-1936: Madrid

Fr José F. Ferragut Sbert (1889-1936) 21-9-1936: Barcelona

Br Vicente Fonfría Geri (1891-1936) 29-10-1936: Valencia

Br Tomás Frasno Peñarrocha (1866-1936) 29-7-1936: Barcelona

Fr Narciso Fuentes Ruiz-Delgado (1875- 1936) 12-8-1936: Valencia

Br José Gabarrón Pérez (1868-1936) 13-10-1936: Málaga

Br José García Molina (1911-1936) 14-8-1936: Málaga

Fr Zacarías García Villada (1879-1936) 1-10-1936: Madrid

Fr Nemesio Gonzalez Alonso (1866-1936) 14-8-1936: Gijdn

Fr Luis Gordillo Díaz (1898-1936) 23-7-1936: Málaga

Fr Vicente Guimerá Roca (1869-1936) 30-9-1936: Valencia

Fr Joaquín Hernández López (1881-1936) 7-8-1936: Madrid

Br Antonio Jiménez Blázquez (1885-1936) 13-10-1936: Málaga

Fr José Juan Martínez (1867-1936) 26-9-1936: Valencia

Fr Martín Juste García (1863-1936) 27-7-1936: Toledo

Fr Florentino Laria Sampedro (1866-1936) 5-11-1936: Madrid

Fr Manuel de Larragan Alfaro (1884-1936) 15-10-1936: Madrid

Fr Manuel Mañes Bosch (1887-1936) 25-7-1936: Barcelona

Fr Juan Martínez García (1902-1936) 19-9-1936: Madrid

Fr Jesús Martínez Hernández (1903-1936) 7-11-1936: Madrid

Fr Valentino Mayordomo González (1878- 1937) 18-3-1937: Santander

Br José Mendizdbal Tolosa (1881-1937) 18-5-1937: Santander

Br Angel Mercader Vatero (1889-1936) 14-8-1936: Valencia

Fr Pedro Miró De Mesa (1901-1936) 20-11-1936: Barcelona

Fr Ramón Molina (1904-1938) 19-3-1938 Andorra

Br Carlos Moncho Montaner (1868-1936) 3-9-1936: Tortosa

Fr Jesús Montero Carrión (1887-1936) 10-8-1936: Madrid

Fr Inocencio Muñoz Aguilera (1895-1936) 14-8-1936: Málaga

Br Joaquín Noguera Martínez (1873-1936) 22-8-1936: Madrid

Mr José Oortiz Calvo (1911-1936) 8-11-1936: Madrid

Fr José Palacio Molina (1865-1936) 19-8-1936: Alcalahí

Br Félix Palacios (1877-1936) 27-7-1936: Toledo

Fr Miguel Pardo De Donlebún (1881-1936) 9-8-1936: Barcelona

Fr Luis Perera Canogia (1865-1936) 4-10-1936: Valencia

Fr José Pedromingo Cotayna (1904-1936) 6-12-1936: Guadalajara

Br José Rallo Pascual (1863-1936) 24-8-1936: Barcelona

Fr José Rodríguez De La Torre (1877-1936) 5-10-1936: Málaga

Mr Gregorio Ruiz Rodríguez (1911-1936) 5-9-1936: Santander

Fr José Ruiz Goyo (1897-1936) 5-9-1936: Santander

Fr José Ruiz Pimentel (1887-1936) 15-10-1936: Málaga

Mr Nicolás Serrano Fernández (1910-1936) 5-9-1936: Santander

Br José Serres Borrás (1890-1936) 17-9-1936: Barcelona

Br José Simón Cascales (1873-19:36) 14-8-1936: Valencia

Fr Pedro Trullás Claramunt (1867-1936) 25-7-1936: Barcelona

Br José María Valiente Trigueros (1894-1936) 8-11-1936: Madrid

Fr Ramón Vendrell Vives (1865-1936) 7-8-1936: Tarragona

Br Ignacio Vila March (1858-1936) 26-9-1936: Barcelona

Fr José María Vives Castellet (1882-1936) 3-10-1936: Tarragona

Br Francisco Vives Masses (1898-1936) 15-9-1936: Barcelona

Fr José Antonio Yáñez González (1870-1936) 14-8-1936: Gijón

Thanks to Joseph at Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit for inspiring me to reseach this article.

A list of martyrs and photgraphs of the martyred is found here...

May God grant peace those those killed on both sides of this conflict.



Reke Ride said...

Greetings from Spain, Lord of Brantigny. Thanks to talk about our sadly remembered Spanish Civil War. We, the traditionalists, call it "the Crusade of 1936" against the red marxist terror.

I just want to correct you one thing: it wasn't "the Nationalist Goverment" it was The Republican Goverment, formed with Socialist and Communist forces called herselves: "Popular Front". There was in the 1936 national elecctions, too many irregularities and distortion of votes, but that thing is not told by most of factional and lier historians...so it was a legitimate rebelion.

It was before to the war (in the Spanish Republic), riots, famine, chaos and murder of catholics, it wasn´t a democratic regimen...it was also pro-soviet, but mainly it was that started teh war, the murder of Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo (politician) by socialist from PSOE.

During the war, there was two opposing sides: The National Army (formed by catholics: regular soldiers, carlist volunteers or requetés, falangist volunteers, italians, german pilots and foreign catholic volunteers) and The Republican Atheist Army (socialists, communists, anarchists, soviets, criminal international brigades, etc...)

Greetings again from Spain.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Of course you are right and I have changed the text to relfect my error.

I have no excuse but to say that i was angry when I wrote this.

Viva España!

Reke Ride said...

You know I'm a usual reader of your great and wonderful blog. That has been a little little little error (it didn't have importance, but I only wanted to say you the true name), don't worry my friend :)

It has been a great work the murdered jesuits list, I didn't know it.

Changing of subject or theme....i just want to ask you a question: are you a french who lives in USA or american with french ancestry?????? :)

Greetings in Christ Roi!!!
All the best, God with you and your family.

Vive les catholic americans
Vive la France! Vive la armée catholique et royale! Vive le Roi Louis XVI!

de Brantigny........................ said...

I am an American of French ancestry. In papaphrase of the words of Nancy Mitford in the "Sun King", all Frenchmen hate thinking of living anywhere but France. My home is a bit of France.

My wife thinks of herself as French, (when a woman marries a Frenchman she becomes French), my children think of themselves as French, my grandchildren think of themselves as French. It is a pride of ancestry.

Thank you for your comments.

Et vous? Francais ou Americain?


Reke Ride said...

I'm old spaniard (it means: Born in Spain with spanish blood and spanish ancestry)

I was born in 1973 in Valencia (España) and therefore I live in Valencia (350 km. south from Barcelona in the Mediterranean sea), the third largest city of Spain behind Madrid and Barcelona and ahead of Seville.

A Hug in Christ from Spain