Carlota, an Empress

Cross of Laeken has posted this article about Carlota the Empress of the lost Empire of Mexico. I can not but wonder if Mexico would have turned out differently had the line of Maximillian continued.

...In The Life of Maximilian I, Late Emperor of Mexico (1868), Frederic Hall includes a moving portrayal of the tragic Empress Carlota, born Princess Charlotte of Belgium. She seems to have inherited the intelligence of her father, King Leopold I of the Belgians, the "Nestor of Europe," combined with the charity and devotion to duty of her mother, Louise-Marie, the "Holy Queen." Hall includes a touching letter addressed by Carlota to the prefect of Puebla, during her visit to the city on her birthday, June 7, 1864... more...

I have always liked the portraits of Winterhalter, this one of Charlotte and that of the Empress Eugenie wife of Louis Napoleon. Both of these Empresses have a sadness on their visage or is it a look of resignation?

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Matterhorn said...

Thank you for linking, she was a beautiful, great lady.