What has happened to our Catholic Voice?

Pro-life demonstration in Linz 1971

The main square- now they are down to forty people who demonstrate every month outside the Linz General Hospital where abortions take place. On the same site, compulsory abortions were carried out in Nazi times.

This photo was taken in 1971, I was a sophomore in High School. The abortion debate was just heating up and my fellow students were of three opinions, 1. I don't care.
2. What is abortion? and 3. ERA and abortion right's. Humanae Vitae was only 3 years old. There were no televised debates, however the Pro-abort knew that no legislature would ever pass a law permitting abortion in 1971. They schemed to have it enacted by finding a liberal Justice, who agreed with the lawyers representing "Roe" that there was a "right" under the 4th amendment to the Constitution. So by a majority of Supreme Court Justices a woman's "right" to kill her baby was placed into law by the Supreme Court. The decision was 5 votes for and 4 votes against. Isn't democracy great.

Since that time the courts, high and low, have written law while seated on the bench. No longer do they interpret the law, their hubris demands that they right every perceived injustice, whether it is law or not. The point is no one really cares about the unborn.

Case in point: The above photo shows an anti-abortion protest in Linz, (the childhood home of Adolph Hitler). Thousands of protesters are there. Today only an handful come to protest once a month. So I am back to reason #1 from my high school days. No one cares...

Dieu le Roy.

The photo was borrowed from Catholic Church Conservation blog. Catholic Church Conservation has many articles on places of worship and the church in Austria. It is written in English but many of the articels it links to are in German.

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