Better watch out what you say about same sex marriage if it goes against the homosexual aganda... The politic of personal destruction is alive and well in America.

From Foxnews.
You're Fired? Carrie Prejean Awaiting Verdict Over Provocative Pictures

When Carrie Prejean returned from the Miss USA pageant in Sin City two weeks ago, the 21-year-old surely had no idea that so many "sins" of her own would surface.

The California representative was slammed for voicing her traditional views on marriage during the live telecast. Later, it emerged that state pageant officials had paid for her breast implants just prior to the competition and on Monday scandalous snaps taken of Prejean in her underwear hit the Web.

If she had said to Perez Hilton that after she finished the pageant that she and her "partner" when travelling to Massacheusetts to get married, not only would she have won the pageant, been lauded on the View but any photo that would surface would have been portrayed as the epitome of womanhood breaking the barriers.

Tolerance is the Tyranny of the Left.

Dieu Le Roy!

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