Elena-Maria has a though provoking article today on Putitanism...

...According to an article by the National Humanities Center:

Puritans in both Britain and British North America sought to cleanse the culture of what they regarded as corrupt, sinful practices. They believed that the civil government should strictly enforce public morality by prohibiting vices like drunkenness, gambling, ostentatious dress, swearing, and Sabbath-breaking. They also wished to purge churches of every vestige of Roman Catholic ritual and practice—the ruling hierarchies of bishops and cardinals, the elaborate ceremonies in which the clergy wore ornate vestments and repeated prayers from a prescribed liturgy....But both Congregationalist and Presbyterian worship services were simple, even austere, and dominated by long, learned sermons in which their clergy expounded passages from the Bible. Perhaps most important, membership in both churches was limited to the “visibly godly,” meaning those men and women who lead sober and upright... more lives

Think Puritism is gone? Watch this... This the grandaughter of the Reverend Fred Phelps of Westbury Baptist Church. Although this is a Youtube Video it may be found on their web site,here.
Now there are many, many good Baptist people, and this group is not a Baptist Church. Baptists simply do not talk this way. This speach is reminicent of the protestant reformation.

Never having been to a Catholic Mass it is difficult for this child to know that the "Bible is cracked open" more often in Catholic Liturgy than in any other faith. But like a good grandaughter she accepts blindly that which is screamed from the pulpit by her misguided grandfather. In his world evrybody who is not in his church is a... Pity on you Fred. No hate intended...


Note: The tune she is parodies at the end is from an old 80's disco, the "Roof is on Fire". I had to look it up. I wonder were she heard it?


Joseph Fromm said...

The interior shots of the Catholic church is of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida. Scared Heart has had its share of kooky fundamentalists issues in the past.

I have many in-laws that share the same view as video of our Holy Roman Catholic Church.



de Brantigny........................ said...

My wife Suzanne was raised to be a Baptist, she is now converted, I am sure there are many (or were many) who thought the same thing of me and then us.

I have laboured hard to "reform" their ideas.

Many wil argue only because the Catholic Church has rules.