ND Response - Official Video

A short yet powerful video from the Students at Notre Dame in response to the Invitation by Fr Jenkins to Barack Obama.

"In defense of the unborn, we wish to express our deepest opposition to Reverend John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.s invitation of President Barack Obama to be the University of Notre Dames principal commencement speaker and the recipient of an honorary degree. Our objection is not a matter of political partisanship, but of President Obamas hostility to the Catholic Churchs teachings on the sanctity of human life at its earliest stages. Further, the Universitys decision runs counter to the policy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops against honoring pro-choice politicians. We cannot sit by idly while the University honors someone who believes that an entire class of human beings is undeserving of the most basic of all legal rights, the right to live."


I sincerely wonder if Fr Jenkins, defense of his decision is merely one of stubborness. The invitation to Judge John T Noonan to replace Mary Ann Glendon who declined the Laetare Medal is for all appearances a second thought, like saying "We'll show you". Judge Noonan is not, as far as I can tell, a major advocate of the Pro-life movement. I think that Notre Dame and in particularly Fr Jenkins were taken aback by her declining the award. I might add that Mary Ann Glendon has more moral fibre than Fr Jenkins ever had.

Question of the day, when did the Jesuit Order become distant from the founders Charism?


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